3" Inch Caster Wheel 441 pounds Fixed Polyurethane  and  Polypropylene Top Plate

3" Inch Medium Duty Caster Wheel 441 pounds Fixed Polyurethane and Polypropylene Top Plate

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  • .: Wheel Diameter= 3" Inch" inch=75mm
  • .: Load Capacity=441 lb
  • .: Mounting Type= Top Plate
  • .: Mounting= Fixed
  • .: Tire= Polyurethane and Polypropylene
Product Code: VXB0045075PUF


  • Item Name= VXB0045075PUF
  • Medium Duty
  • Wheel Diameter= 75mm
  • Wheel Width= 40mm
  • Wheel Diameter= 3" Inch = 75mm
  • Mounting Type= Top Plate
  • Top Plate Size= 110mm x 100mm x 4mm fork:3.5mm
  • Hole distance= 85mm x 75mm
  • Wheel Core= Polyurethane and Polypropylene
  • Tire= Polyurethane and Polypropylene
  • Bearing type= ball bearing
  • Load Capacity= 441 lb
  • Mounting= Fixed
  • Temperature Range= -40 to 180 F

  • Make your life easier, have big objects easier to Maneuver using the VXB0045075PUF Wheel Caster. And rolling on wheel that has 75mm diameter/2.953" inch. Dimensions of the caster wheel is 40mm (1.575" inch). The Caster with the wheel from end to end is 195mm = 7.677" inch. This wheel caster can be mounted using a Top Plate with the dimensions of 110mm x 100mm x 4mm fork:3.5mm and holes distance of 85mm x 75mm. Low drag was achieved by a Polyurethane and Polypropylene core on a Polyurethane and Polypropylene tire spinning freely with a ball bearing. Bearing in mind that every caster wheel has the load capacity of 441 lb with a Fixed type. Environment temperature range is -40 to 180 F. Very important notice, you need to buy the VXB0045075PUF in order to get one :).


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