2" Inch Caster Wheel 66 pounds Swivel Polyvinyl Chloride

2" Inch Caster Wheel 66 pounds Swivel Polyvinyl Chloride M10 Threaded Stem

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  • .: Wheel Diameter= 2" Inch" inch=50mm
  • .: Load Capacity=66 lb
  • .: Mounting Type=
  • .: Mounting= Swivel
  • .: Tire= Polyvinyl Chloride
Product Code: VXB007B050PVCT


  • Item Name= VXB007B050PVCT
  • Wheel Diameter= 50mm
  • Wheel Diameter= 2" Inch = 50mm
  • Stem size= 10mm x 25mm
  • Overall Height= 73mm
  • Overall Height Inch= 2.874"
  • Wheel Core= Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Tire= Polyurethane
  • Mounting= Swivel
  • Load Capacity= 66 lb
  • Temperature Range= -40 to 180 F

  • Utilizing VXB007B050PVCT makes it feasible to pull and push items instead of transport Diameter size of the caster wheel has a metric standard 50mm which is equal to 1.969" inch with imperial units. The thickness of the wheel is 50mm or 1.969" inch. The caster dimensions heightwise is 73mm/2.874" inch. Mounted via a that has the size of 92mm x 65mm and the holes distance of 73mm x 45mm. The weehl core material is Polyvinyl Chloride and has a Polyurethane tire with a low friction Ball bearing. Bearing in mind that every caster wheel has the load capacity of 66 lb with a Swivel type. Temperature range is -40 to 180 F. Buy the VXB007B050PVCT now, just add the quantity to basket and click on Checkout.

    2" Inch Caster Wheel 66 pounds Swivel Polyvinyl Chloride M10 Threaded Stem



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    Fred Aquilina from Vacaville, CA United States
    August 4, 2021
    2" Inch Caster Wheels
    I have a Chinese 6 chair wrought iron kitchen table set.The caster wheels have a history of losing the ball bearings and the rubber wheels sticking to the stone floor due to their imperfection.They did not hold up to ordinary use. The dealer within a few months was replacing defective casters frequently so he finally provided 12 spares. As I am out of spares, I searched for 24 casters. I search
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    Bradley Roth from WEBSTER, NY United States
    January 6, 2021
    Good products
    Good purchase and fast delivery.
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