M04/FF02 Bearing
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    M04/FF02 Bearing

    Price: $19.49

    Code: Kit189

    Product Descriptions

    Complete Bearings Set
    Tamiya M03/M04/FF02
    Set of 14 Bearings

    Bearing Set Tamiya M03/M04/FF02:vxb:Ball Bearings

    Complete set Ball Bearings for Tamiya M03/M04/FF02, Set Contains 14 Bearings. each bearing has 2 metal shields to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination, also bearings are pre-lubricated with grease.

    • Item: Complete Bearings Set
    • Model: Tamiya M03/M04/FF02
    • Closures: 2 Metal Shields
    • Quantity: 14 Bearings

    M04/FF02 Bearing :: Kit189 :: RC Cars & Trucks Ball Bearings

    M04/FF02 Bearing :: Kit189 :: VXB Bearing online :: RC Cars & Trucks Ball Bearings

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