13x24x6 Bearing Open
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    13x24x6 Bearing Open

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    Code: Kit9437

    Product Descriptions

    13 x 24 x 6 Open Ball Bearing
    One Bearing

    Bearing 13x24 Open 13x24x6:vxb:Ball Bearing

    13 x 24 x 6 Open Ball Bearing, this is a popular size that could be used in many RC Cars and Trucks, Bearings are made of Chrome Steel.

    • Item: 13 x 24 x 6 Ball Bearing
    • Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing
    • Closures: Open
    • Size: 13mm x 24mm x 6mm
    • Inner Diameter: 13mm
    • Outer Diameter: 24mm
    • Width: 6mm
    • Quantity: One Bearing

    13x24x6 Bearing Open :: Kit9437 :: 13mm inner diameter Bearings

    13x24x6 Bearing Open :: Kit9437 :: VXB Bearing online :: 13mm inner diameter Bearings

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