10x24x7 Bearing Sealed
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    10x24x7 Bearing Sealed

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    Product Descriptions

    10 x 24 x 7 Sealed Ball Bearing
    One Bearing

    Sealed Bearing 10x24x7:vxb:Ball Bearing

    10 x 24 x 7 Sealed Ball Bearing, Bearing is made of Chrome Steel, each bearing is rubber sealed from both sides to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination, also bearing is pre-lubricated with grease.

    • Item: 10 x 24 x 7 Ball Bearing
    • Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing
    • Closures: 2 Rubber Seals
    • Lubrication: Self Lubricated (Grease)
    • Size: 10mm x 24mm x 7mm
    • Bearing Inner Diameter: 10mm
    • Bearing Outer Diameter: 24mm
    • Bearing Width: 7mm
    • Quantity: One Bearing

    10x24x7 Bearing Sealed :: Kit19210 :: 10mm inner diameter Bearings

    10x24x7 Bearing Sealed :: Kit19210 :: VXB Bearing online :: 10mm inner diameter Bearings

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