Skate Bearing (Just one 608-2RS)
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    Skate Bearing (Just one 608-2RS)

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    Code: 1ASB-1

    Product Descriptions

    608-2RS Ball Bearing
    8mm x 22mm x 7mm
    One Bearing

    608-2RS Ball bearing:VXB
    608-2RS Ball bearing:VXB

    This is 608-2RS Ball Bearing, each bearing has 2 rubber seals to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination, the rubber seals can be removed and re-inserted again after greasing, this is self lubricated bearings (bearing is already lubricated with oil), seals can be easily removed for oiling, and of course can be re-installed again.Bearing is made from Chrome Steel.

    • Item: 608-2RS Ball Bearing
    • Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing
    • Seals: 2 Rubber Seals, can be removed and re-installed again
    • Size: 8mm x 22mm x 7mm
    • Quantity: one Bearing
    • Other applications: Roller Blade, Inline Skating, scooter and Rollerblade
    • MARKING: 608RS
    • Equal: 608-2RS1

    Skate Bearing (Just one 608-2RS) :: 1ASB-1 :: 8mm inner diameter Bearings

    Skate Bearing (Just one 608-2RS) :: 1ASB-1 :: VXB Bearing online :: 8mm inner diameter Bearings

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